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Mirror Neurons to the Mona Lisa

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Neurons, In Vitro Color!

Image by thelunch_box via Flickr

Quantum physics
A psychic’s soul
Jagged shards falling down
Upon my hands and feet
To slice them neatly
I am replete
With cunning questions
And analyzed answers

Econometrics and abstract art
Cannot fulfill this fickle heart
DaVinci did not have the code
To unlock secrets
In the ether
Rubik’s puzzle
Is weak to this
My mind like taffy
Being pulled
By rough handed women
Creased with wrinkles
And dried by the sun

Leathery limbs
Have pulled from within
Two halves that never fit
Meshing them
In swirls of creamy colors
That taste bitter
On the tongue

Art it is not beauty
But the ache of human suffering
Splashing blood and feces
Across the canvas
Of my chest
Neurons misfire
Desire savagely slays
Comatose comforts
Ravaging the life I know
And the Mona Lisa smiles
All the while
But does not know

Vanessa Nix Anthony

June 30, 2006


Written by Rainee Squatch

October 6, 2010 at 10:10 am

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