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I don’t have all the answers

but somehow, somewhere


started this rumor

I did

you’ve been asking me questions

since i was a little kid

though i wore it proud

a badge to say

“hey, they think i’m worth it”

it’s just a cage

and boy, it binds

i tried to flee

to find my freedom

in another one’s arms

and it shook you up

it shook you all up

for about five minutes

’cause who are you

if i’m not me

and i don’t have all the answers

so here i am

your gilded bird, again

wiped the slate clean

it’s not the same

you can’t do anything wrong

you’re not responsible

but i am

but i am

and you hate me

you resent me

most of all

you think it’s competition

and you’re on the losing end

but at least

you’re allowed to lose

you can lose

and no one

hates you

(like i hate me)

and you hate me

and it makes you feel better

better about your life

better about your choices

(and worse still)

so you hate me

’til i hate me

we’ll all be


if you could just let me out

you can breathe

and find your place

without knowing where I am

without making up who i am

let me out

i don’t know everything

i’m fucked up

just like every BODY


i don’t want to be right

i just want to be heard

Don’t you hear

can’t you see

i don’t have all the answers

I don’t have all the answers

Vanessa Nix Anthony

August 6, 2010


Written by Rainee Squatch

August 6, 2010 at 6:15 am

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