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I am an avid writer of poetry, though I am unsure if I want to invite the criticism that goes along with declaring oneself a “Poet.” I also read poetry from time to time. Some of my favorite poets are Pablo Neruda, Sharon Olds, W.S. Merwin, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Karr, Billy Collins and Maya Angelou. But,  you’ll find, I write nothing like them — much to my chagrin.

You can find a few of my newest poems here and posted on the blog semi-regularly:

Who’s to Say What’s Right An exploration of one woman’s way of coping with mortality.

Can You See Me? On the complicated nature of sisterhood.

Delicate The nature of truth in a world so easily bruised.

Where Am I? We all can lose our voice for a moment. But can we find it again?


Written by Rainee Squatch

August 3, 2010 at 6:13 pm

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