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“Apex Predator Shoes” by Mariana Fantich & Dominic Young.

They say walk a mile . . .

To understand

And it’s true

To gain insight or empathy

That’s what you should do

But to get to your dreams


Replace the snark

with sincerity

Stop apologizing

for who you are

and what you like

Own it, unabashedly


Don’t reduce

to “cheesy” or “campy”

embrace the heart, the joy — the fun

In a world full of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?)

how about a little HCIH (How Can I Help?)

Make up your mind

then do it


You can always change it later

and make a new choice

Stop comparing, competing, and hiding

Start sharing.

Accept who you are now

and in the past

look forward to accepting the you

you’re creating for your future, too


Tie your laces,

fasten those buckles –

make sure the fit’s right


You’ve got a long way to walk


Make sure it’s in your own shoes.


Learn more about the Apex Predator Shoes (and suit!) or visit the artists’ website.


Written by Rainee Squatch

September 6, 2014 at 5:39 pm

Posted in Poetry

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