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lost black hoodieI lost a black hoodie, 2 years ago now

I’ve tried to replace it (multiple times)

But none are the same

in fabric

or cut

or design

None fit quite like

that old hood of mine

soft as velvet (though it was just cotton)

thin, like t-shirt material (but it never shrank or wore out

or looked worse for its wear)

And the hood, oh! that hood

was as if, red of riding had gone midnight onyx

and draped lazily off my head and about my shoulders

like some long lost cousin of a cape

some simple darts, helped the drape on the breast

and a stark outline of a few falling leaves

trailed the left shoulder in burnt orange, grey and white

I have other hoodies that do their job

of keeping me warm (and somewhat dry)

but I still think of that hoodie fondly

and I try to remember just where it was lost

SO, if you’ve seen my hoodie (and she’s still in good shape)

Please kindly return her

to her soulmate






Written by Rainee Squatch

April 24, 2014 at 9:30 am

Posted in Poetry

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