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Taste Delicious Lies

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800px-GibassiéI’ve a predilection — no 
(it’s more of an addiction) 
That at times includes bad diction
A summary of lies and sighs
When history’s no damn good for me
I juice it up for your surprise, pouring
delicious lies
When I am bored of bread and water lives
A scintillating tale,
told full scope
I’ll regale
Talk of lovers, thieves and knives 
Twist it up
before your eyes
And glaze delicious lies
A recipe for popularity
I have cooked it up for three
Pinch of murder, dash of love
(all added to the facts)
Whipped to perfection,
poured in just the wrong direction
Makes a soufflé of assumption
(that bakes up with ripe deception)
And whose scent is laced with anise
and delicious lies
When you’ve eaten every morsel
dabbing juices from your chin
That’s when I’ll clear the table
and begin it all again
Harvesting my mind,
til it comes dripping from my tongue
(So sweet and sharp)
you’ll be stung
by love and hope
and alibis laced . . .
with delicious lies
Ah but then,
my dear friend
Indigestion will sit in
and as heartburn climbs
from your belly to your throat
Prickly hot — it pounds your thoughts
Intoxicating syrup
(these delicious lies)
But had you dared to notice?
The story shifted
The plot veered
Wasn’t she a he?
Or we instead me?
Noon of day became midnight
and something gentle now wrought with fright
And there are some who come to recognize
this flavor
(that at times, they’ve even savored)
Was it lover? Friend? Or Foe?
Because its aftertaste — bittersweet or sweetly bitter?
in a love’s forgotten soul
Well, it is just this predilection
— no, it REALLY IS
more of an addiction
All my life, I’ve been seasoning with fiction
And before too long
you’ll know this secret, too
I lie.

Written by Rainee Squatch

June 20, 2013 at 11:00 am

Posted in Poetry

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