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Black Friday Reverberates

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Black Friday

Seems to radiate out

like spokes on a wheel

Loss of humanity at the hands of commodity

People being trampled in the name of a deal

It happens earlier each year

until the deal making starts

the day before

ON Thanksgiving night

Where workers whose wages

just don’t add up

have to leave the warm comfort

of families

and feelings of gratitude

to enter a war zone

Being waged in the name of that deal

Black Friday reverberates

Retailers demand

What marketers command

Hot products, lower wholesale

from workers in countries

who need nets round their buildings

to catch falling debris

broken bodies and dreams

The rush of adrenaline

push of the crowd

all to get their hands on

the latest technology

the gadgets and gizmos

this year’s hot new toy

“Limited quantities”, “supplies while they last”

The same must-have trend,


with planned obsolescence, will guarantee

next year

it’s shipped off

to some third world country

where workers in shacks

will wallow in trash

and pick up the scraps of

our motherboards and wasted lives

and sell for a thin dime,

just to survive, what we consume

and presume is our right,

in America

All the while they dream of a better life — here in America

Meanwhile . . .CEOs grin

We tell ourselves here,

that we need it

for Dear old Aunt Hattie,

who we see once a year

We deserve it

Must have it

to make our selves whole again

in order to fit in

gotta- get- in

to that store at 3am

It’s for my son

or my daughter

Who begin their lives

simple in design

soon only to find

twin needs

in consumption and greed

eating dinner in front of screens

in their rooms

ichatting and texting

where their “Call of Duty”

is to build a “Perfect World”

a place where their classmate

that “slut” should just “kill herself”

because she didn’t have enough

to make her seem cool

in the halls of her school or on Youtube

But now that’s she gone

We’ll all grieve

posting her pic on our page

and tweeting our rage

“she was a loner,”


“she kept to herself,”

When what she really needed was a hug

What they all really need

to see and to FEEL

your love

not an object

to be bought at full price (or on sale)

hard-won in the jungles of Target

But your time

and your smile

a kind word


and a hug

Not at melee at dawn

crushing pregnant women

for an iphone

while Walmart employees give their lives

So Sam Walton‘s pride

Can open one more store

that puts Uncle Bob out of business

and all for that dream

that American dream

of owning more stuff

to make us


When all that we needed

was a goddamned hug


Written by Rainee Squatch

November 24, 2012 at 6:18 pm

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