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Autumn Amber Light

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Soft tranquil sounds
Of autumn’s amber light
Crinkling leaves
And icy winds
Dancing tango in the night

A boy and girl
Walk hand and hand
Beneath the aged, yellowing moonlight
Hugged up in the warm womb
Of ochre colored hoodies and
Swish sounds of green corduroy thighs
Rubbing out messages like crickets
Far from sight

Naked limbed trees
Spill menacing patterns
Upon the cold concrete
Shadows springing from the spotlight
Of this lantern moon

The whipping wind makes punishing passes
Coloring their cheeks a soft petal pink
And filling their clothing with ghostly forms
That widen their physiques

A ringing bang – like Marley’s chains
Echoes in the night
Does not deter them though
They spy the flagpole – its clanging line
Frightful with delight

They share a look and smile at fear
As they pass the pitted brick of
Hollowed out school grounds
That beckon, “come inside”
And round the corner to night lit gardens
Deserted playgrounds
Skelton swings

Where Dragon’s keeping watch
Over abandoned, vagrant sleeping bags and forgotten blacktop in the dark
Past midnight now, their only company is
A lonely pair of shoes
That dangles from a wire
Chandelier of disobedience
A phantom finger against the blue-black night

And the faint, haunted call of an owl
Looking for his supper
In the sounds of rodent feet
Pattering the ground
But finding only the gigglish love
Of a single boy and girl



Written by Rainee Squatch

October 17, 2012 at 10:27 pm

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